10 reasons to pedal on a road bike in Mallorca (part 2)

10 reasons to pedal on a road bike in Mallorca (part 2)

19 Diciembre 2019

After reading the previous article where we started to give you 5 of the 10 reasons why you should ride a road bike on Mallorca, here is the second part, I am sure you will know how to get the most out of these tips.

Remember to keep in mind that the most important thing is to enjoy the bike, each at the pace that you can, as comfortable as possible, but you have to pedal!

Health, social, environmental and even economic reasons make cycling a very beneficial activity, difficult to be matched by other sports or life habits. Here are 5 more reasons why we encourage you to ride your bike and pedal on the roads of Mallorca with one of our rental bikes.

“…Searching for records isn't what keeps me on my bike, it's happiness…” Lance Armstrong

Let's get down to business:

6. Helps the immune system and prevents cancer

When we pedal with our bike, there are some cells in our body that are quickly activated by getting to work. They are phagocytes (bacteria), and they are in charge of annihilating the bacteria in our body and the cancer cells. It is said that these cells are a little bit asleep and when we start to pedal they are activated.

7. Freedom without timetables

You can pedal on a road bike whenever and wherever you want. You don't need to go at a particular time, like the organized activities at the gyms, for example. Nor do you need several friends as in the case of group sports. You can ride your bike alone and, moreover, choose the pace you want to take (we recommend that you always take a mobile phone with you and inform your family or friends of the route you are going to take).

8. Road bikes are the best friends of the environment

The bicycle is a super ecological vehicle since it does not expel any type of smoke, nor substance that can harm the environment. The energy we need to move around by bicycle does not depend on any fossil fuel, we give it to you, pedaling with our legs. By cycling, we can reduce carbon emissions by up to 11%.

The bicycle does not pollute, it contributes to the planet, the bicycle is the most ecological means of transport that can be used anywhere. It saves unnecessary CO² emissions. For every 3 kilometers cycled, 1 kilo of CO² is saved.

9. You'll make new friends

Road cycling fans are as friendly as any other tribe in our sport. If you go to a local club, you will certainly be welcomed. The older ones will be happy to give you all the necessary advice. Whether it's training, learning new routes or just riding around. The fact is that you will enjoy the company of new friends.

Undoubtedly, if we improve our physical shape it improves our appearance, our mood and we are also more willing to meet new people and share experiences or bike rides with other cyclists.

10. Discovering unique places

With one of our road bikes, you can lose yourself or accompanied by incredibly magical places on Mallorca. If you get on one of our rental bikes and start exploring, you're sure to discover areas of the island that you didn't even know existed.

The island offers a multitude of different routes, depending on the training you want to do, or how fit you are, you can plan any route, from basic routes to alpine tours.

One of the best kept secrets of Mallorca, as many people do not know them, are the Ecological and Cycle Tourism Routes. Most of these are secondary roads, which are well paved and where any cyclist can train in total tranquility and enjoy pedaling along fantastic routes.

Discover the different Ecovías in our article Discover Mallorca with a rental bike.
10 reasons to ride a bike in Mallorca - cyclist

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