10 reasons to ride a bike on Mallorca - part 1

10 reasons to ride a bike on Mallorca - part 1

05 Diciembre 2019

Have you ever wondered what the real benefits of riding a road bike are? From Papagayo Bike we give you 10 very healthy reasons to go cycling on the roads of Mallorca.

I'm almost 100% sure that you've heard many times that riding a road bike has many benefits: it helps you lose weight, it's good for your health, it releases stress... But there are many other things that riding a road bike brings that you probably haven't thought of.

“…Pedal today and rest tomorrow, repeat it daily and your life will change…”

Here are 10 reasons to pedal with one of our road bikes on the roads of Mallorca.

1. Burns fat and helps you style your figure

Riding a bike increases the rate of your metabolism and therefore your calorie burn. In just 30 minutes you can say goodbye to about 300 calories and stimulate your body. Moreover, this fat burning also helps to reduce the bad cholesterol "LDL" (low density lipoproteins), and increase the good one, "HDL" (high density lipoproteins).

2. Stimulates the respiratory system

A person in a normal situation (at rest), needs about 9 liters to breathe. In contrast, a cyclist needs about 80 litres every half hour. By exercising regularly on a road bike, our lungs will get used to synthesizing more oxygen, so when we are at rest our lungs will work more smoothly.

3. Increases resistance and strengthens the heart

As we pedal, our maximum heart rate increases and blood pressure decreases. Scientific studies state that if you pedal a minimum of 30 km per week, we lower the risk of heart disease.

According to the Heart Foundation, cycling lowers the risk of heart attack. As it is a cyclic sport, non-competitive cycling is a perfect sport to be able to control its intensity, so it is a good alternative to do physical exercise in case of having some kind of heart pathology.

4. It brings us happiness, decreases stress and keeps depressions away

There are studies that show that riding a bike, running or walking makes us happier, it's a matter of serotonin and dopamine, hormones that our bodies secrete that are related to happiness. These act as neurotransmitters linked to pleasure and happiness. If we have low levels of serotonin in our body, we are closer to having negative thoughts, being sad, depressed. Therefore, the more serotonin we generate by doing sports, the more distance we put between depression and ourselves.

Likewise, when we exercise, we also generate other hormones - endorphins - which provide us with relaxation and are also responsible for making it easier for us to fall asleep that same night. And, as if that were not enough, cycling also reduces cortisol levels, which are the hormones produced when we are stressed.

5. It is an ally of the joints and knees

In most activities where our legs are impacted by the ground, such as running, athletics, paddle, football, tennis... the knees suffer. On the other hand, when we ride our bicycles we are protected because the weight of the body is not supported by them, but falls on the saddle. In addition, when the joints are moved frequently, nutrients and beneficial substances are more readily available to them. However, in order not to damage our knees, it is essential that the saddle is positioned correctly, so that the legs are stretched properly and do not force the joint.

At the moment I leave you these 5 reasons to pedal with one of our road bikes around Mallorca, so that you can assimilate them. In the following article I will explain you another 5 reasons related to the environment and the immune system.
10 reasons to ride a bike through Mallorca - happy cyclist

Are you coming to cycle around Mallorca with us?

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