5 TOP mountain ports on Mallorca to discover with one of our rental bikes

5 TOP mountain ports on Mallorca to discover with one of our rental bikes

23 Abril 2020

When you use the bike rental on Mallorca, you have at your disposal the possibility to know the best places of this wonderful island, the largest of the Balearic Islands. In the last few years, cycling here has had a sustained growth due to several reasons, such as its climate, the asphalted roads and the bicycle lanes.

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Bicycle rental on Mallorca to discover 5 mountain passes

There are important mountain passes on Mallorca from the point of view of cycling. A mountain pass is a place of passage between the slopes that separate two mountains, and the routes are usually steep and curvy, with the height and slope being the main difficulty of these passes.

1. Ascension of Sa Calobra

With a slope that reaches 7% on average and very short horseshoe curves that in some cases exceed 20%, there are 10 incredible kilometers to enjoy this port. Besides, it has 687 meters of positive unevenness.

It is a real challenge because first you have to go down and then go up the pass. If you rent a bicycle on Mallorca you can climb it.

2. Coll de Sa Batalla

Cycling on Mallorca stands out with its mountain passes. The best way to climb this pass is to rent a hybrid bike, if your physical condition is not optimal.

Although it is quite gentle, with a climb of 8.3 kilometers and 433 meters of positive height gain. It is a route for beginners and amateurs, and from which you can continue on the e-bikes (electric bikes) to Pollensa and then decide your next destination.

3. Puig Major (Sóller)

At 14 kilometers it is one of the largest ports on Mallorca. If you are a professional or in very good physical condition, this is definitely a climb not to be missed: it has a constant gradient of 6% on average.

The Papagayo Bike services offer you everything you need if you decide to climb it.

4. Ermita de Betlem

The climb is 5.1 kilometers long and the positive slope is 233 meters. The winding road goes up the mountain and when you reach the port, there are impressive views: on one side is the bay of Alcudia and on the other, you can see the east of the island. You must go down 1.5 kilometers to see the Ermita Escondida.

5. Coll de Sóller

The climb is 5.8 kilometers long, and the positive slope is 304 meters. The road is wide, which makes it much easier to climb quietly.

Although it is also possible that you can make them fast and explosive, a kind of sprint that will demand a great physical condition. The views are simply spectacular.

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