Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1 the jewel on the crown at Papagayo Bike Mallorca

Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1 the jewel on the crown at Papagayo Bike Mallorca

07 Noviembre 2019

Welcome to the world of road E-Bikes and the future of road cycling, get to know the Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1, without a doubt the jewel on the crown of the rental bicycles we have in Papagayo Bike Mallorca.

It may be that for some lifetime cyclists, electric bicycles involve a bad investment, since they consider that any additional help to a bicycle such as riding a small engine, means going against the essence of going on a road bike, the truth is that in recent years they have stopped being a strange fashion to become a true trend.

A trend that also covers a real need, that of those cyclists who no longer have the time or strength to train and ride with the same intensity with which they could do it when they had more free time or a better physical condition.

Electric road bikes combine the aerodynamic and balancing efficiency of a traditional road bike with the power and effortless driving. The result allows cyclists of all abilities to face any climb or ride with a little more ease.
Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1 the jewel on the crown at Papagayo Bike Mallorca

Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1

The Berria Belador Aero Hybrid bicycle advances a new concept of road e-bikes. Not only for the capacity of its electric assistance system, which provides up to 400 watts, but, above all, for the integration of the motor and the battery into the frame respecting a carefully designed design, maintaining the same design of the bike range of Berria road.

The Berria Belador Aero Hybrid is a bicycle with an Aero aesthetic and a deep bottom geometry. And it is, at the same time, electric and conventional, since its battery, located in a compartment of the diagonal tube of the frame, can be easily removed.

Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1 offers 3 modes of electrical assistance depending on the requirements of each cyclist and the power needed at all times. Through intuitive and simple buttons that change the status or color of the display:
  • Brise mode (economic green), with 75% pedaling assistance (125 W).
  • River mode (blue - medium), with 150% pedaling assistance (250 W).
  • Rocket mode (pink - rocket), with 240% pedaling assistance (400 W).
It also offers a slow assistance Walk mode to move the bicycle while walking.

Our friends of Berria Bike have achieved with this road bike a true balance between performance and control, an electric road bike prepared to face any type of exit with resistance and smooth driving, a bike full of surprises during ascents and descents.

“… Fun and excitement with the Berria Aero Hybrid are guaranteed…”


These are the main novelties of the Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1 model:

  • This is the first Berria Hybrid electric model, equipped with the proven Fazua motorization system.
  • It is composed of a Belador Aero Hybrid DISC carbon frame HM2X built in CNT Nanotech resin and monocoque structure.
  • Has a Shimano Ultegra gearing group.
  • Total ICS2 integration concept of wiring with the handlebar.
  • OH2S oversized steering system.
  • DISCO wheel options, with 12mm front and rear axle, convertible to quick release: Vision Team 35 Disc, Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Disc and Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon Disc.
Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1 the jewel on the crown at Papagayo Bike Mallorca

Can you imagine riding those routes that have always seemed impossible?

Electric road bikes allow you to expand your limits and take you to places that previously seemed unattainable. You choose when and with what intensity to use electric assistance.

Unquestionably the Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1 is the bicycle for those users who like to enjoy cycling, without sacrificing speed and well-being, who want to pedal without suffering when facing demanding slopes, regardless of their age and physical condition or that simply for not having enough time to train as they would like.

If you are thinking of riding the roads of Mallorca by bike, and not be afraid of the climbs of the Serra de Tramontana, in Papagayo Bike Mallorca we can put at your disposal the electric model of Berria Bike, so you can do many kilometers along the roads from Mallorca.

We can take you the Berria Aero Hybrid8.1 where you indicate us to, so you do not waste time looking for a place to rent an electric road bike and safe it for your e-bike trips through Mallorca.

If you already know the dates of your next trip on the roads of Mallorca, do not miss the opportunity to try the Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1 and discover the island in a different way. Plan your adventure on Mallorca on one of our electric rental bicycles.

You can make the reservation of one of our Berria Aero Hybrid 8.1 here, being able to configure the bicycle to your needs, such as the size of the bicycle, the type of pedals, etc…

Remember, 21 years of experience about the world of cycling endorse us.