Bikefitting on Mallorca, dont be fooled

Bikefitting on Mallorca, dont be fooled

22 Octubre 2020

Do you know what Bike Fitting is? We explain it in this post, so that you know exactly what to ask for on a rental bike on Mallorca when you decide to visit the island.

What is bike fit?

The bike fit or bike fitting is a study made to adjust the size of a bike to the cyclist. In other words, it is the customization of a racing bicycle, or any other type, so that the cyclist gives the best effort and avoids the risk of injury.

This takes into account various factors such as biomechanics, size, cycling performance and human physical wear and tear.

How to do Bike Fitting

Bike fit starts with a biomechanical evaluation. And what is biomechanics? It is the way in which each person moves, it is the knowledge of which motor patterns are set in motion and the physical consequences of these movements.

The height of the person, the length of the legs and elbows and how much the torso measures are all taken into account; so both the height of the pedals and the saddle, and the distance between these and the handlebars, will be appropriate according to the data provided.

Therefore, bike fitting is the biomechanics applied to cycling; it studies how you behave on a bike, how much your body measures and the distance ratio that must exist between each element of the bike and your body parts; everything for efficient handling and better performance.

Biomechanical analyses can be done in specialized studies, and of course, they are detailed and personalized analyses of each cyclist, in order to adjust the bicycles to their measurements and needs.

In this sense, many manufacturers of racing bikes include the option of bike fitting to offer a fully customized bike, so that you can feel absolutely comfortable when pedaling and racing.

What is the function of the bike fit

As you may have noticed, the primary function of the bike fit is to prevent injuries to cyclists by straining their bodies to adapt to the bike. A standard racing bike, for example, can cause serious muscle and joint pain.

The function of the bike fit is therefore to provide cyclists with the comfort to develop all their physical conditions while pedaling on the bike, and to promote more natural postures.

Parts of the body that improve with bike fit

As we mentioned, muscle and joint problems are inevitable if the bike is not adjusted. Elbows, knees, back and neck are the parts most affected by poor positioning.

Elbows, because they support the weight of your body when you put it on the handlebars - that's why they need to be in an as comfortable position as possible; knees, because the continuous movement, if the seat and pedals are not the right distance apart, causes the joints to suffer excessively.

The back and the neck, because they are the parts that suffer in the long term. It is therefore essential to calculate the distance between the seat, the handlebars and the pedals well in order to minimize possible injuries.

What if you use a rental bike on Mallorca?

Renting a bike is a different process than buying a custom bike, of course. However, renting a bicycle on Mallorca offers you the possibility to configure it to give you a perfect experience.

When you rent a bike on the web, there is a section for you to indicate your size (from size S to XL), and your height, in centimeters or feet. In this way, we will personalize the bike you rent by adapting the distances from the saddle and the pedals.

You can also choose the helmet and the type of pedals you want (normal, Shimano SPD MTB or SL Road, Look Keo pedals or no pedals) so that when you do your routes on the island it is as comfortable as possible for you.

Any of our bikes can be configured with your measurements, in fact, it is recommended that you use the configuration service so that we can provide you with cycling days as if it were your own bike.
Bikefitting on Mallorca, dont be fooled

Are you coming to cycle around Mallorca with us?

Now all you have to do is choose the place where you want to cycle. If you decide to come and cycle on Mallorca, you'll be amazed at the number of different routes and wonderful landscapes that this paradise for cyclists has to offer.

If you already know the dates of your next trip on the roads of Mallorca, don't miss the opportunity to try one of our road bikes and discover the island in a different way.

Plan your adventure around Mallorca on one of our rental bikes, we will adjust it to your needs.

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Remember, we will take our road bikes wherever you tell us, so that you don't waste time looking for a place to rent a road bike and win it for your cycling trips around Mallorca.

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