Cruising in Mallorca. Train in Mallorca with one of our road bikes.

Cruising in Mallorca. Train in Mallorca with one of our road bikes.

22 Agosto 2019

Does your cruise pass Palma de Mallorca? Do you have little time to visit the city of Palma? Do you move by bicycle in your hometown? Used to train daily? You don't want to miss training days?
After hiring your Mediterranean cruise, know the cities you will visit and know the approximate time you will spend in each city. Now you just have to plan what you will visit in each city, the best excursions, where to eat, what to see ... if you can escape a few hours to train on the roads of the town you visit.

If your cruise passes Palma, and your desire after so many hours in a boat will be to do some road and ride a bike for a couple of hours to stretch your legs, with Papagayo Bike you will have it easy, you can rent one of our Berria Bikes road bikes and disconnect from so much sea.

You can discover the city of Palma and its surroundings in a different way, take a bike tour through Palma with our road bikes and enjoy this beautiful Mediterranean city and its roads.

The island of Mallorca has a special charm for all types of cyclists, on any route you make you can find a very varied landscape around the city of Palma. Natural parks, ponds and shallow canals, impressive steep roads ... Depending on the time you have and your fitness, you can plan anything from basic routes to alpine routes.


“We can take you the road bike where you ask us to”

Palma is a relatively large city and like any other European city, it has seen increased traffic through its streets and the surrounding roads. If you decide to cycle through the city or go on the road with one of our rental bicycles, it is very important that you pay attention to all the vehicles that circulate on the roads of Mallorca.

If you are going to use the bike lane and drive along the promenade, be attentive to the different sections of the promenade, you can find different types of pavement. It is also convenient to be attentive to those people who circulate on the bike lane with skateboard or skating.

Remember to use international signs when you turn and do not skip the red lights. Traffic rules also apply to cyclists!

Cruising in Mallorca. Train in Mallorca with one of our road bikes-Berria Bike
You also have the option to discover the old town of Palma de Mallorca from another point of view, head pedaling to the most important monuments and buildings of the city and discover hidden corners along your ride with one of our rental bicycles. Cycle to the Cathedral of Mallorca, discover the old city wall, go through La Lonja, visit the royal palace of La Almudaina originally built as an Arab fortress.


“Currently Palma has a bike path of more than 82 km.”

The bike path is perfectly signposted throughout the center of Palma, although, perhaps the best bike path to enjoy a pleasant ride through the city is the one that winds the entire Paseo Marítimo, reaching El Arenal. This route passes through the emblematic sites of the Cathedral, Portixol and Playa de Palma. In addition, you can always stop to take a dip at the beach or have a drink on the terrace of a bar. Or, you can even pedal to Santa Catalina, by the detour of Son Espanyolet and Son Dureta, to see other neighborhoods.

If you decide to take the route that goes from the Paseo Marítimo to Portixol, Playa de Palma or El Arenal, you will have the opportunity to enjoy incredible views of the sea during almost the entire journey.

Cycling through Palma - Promenade.

The official name of the promenade is «Gabriel Roca Avenue» in honor of the chief engineer of the port of Palma between 1940 and 1962. Currently, the promenade passes in front of the Cathedral of «La Seu». Keep your eyes wide open to observe the 16th-century walls that surround the Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art; and glimpses in the distance the Bellver Castle, somewhat further away.
The promenade extends parallel to the coastline of Palma. Its wide avenue has a pedestrian promenade and a bike path that both tourists and local residents enjoy, it is usually very crowded by all types of athletes, cyclists, skaters, runners and families enjoying a pleasant walk.

Riding along the promenade is always a stimulating experience. The palm trees form a row along the promenade, passing in front of emblematic buildings and the port of Palma, always overflowing with all kinds of yachts.

You could pedal with one of our rental bicycles along the promenade, parallel to the sea, from the military port next to Porto Pi to the old fishing town of Portixol, a journey of about 4 km. approximately, a journey very close to the center of Palma.

Cycling through Palma - Portixol

Portixol is located on the outskirts of Palma, but in reality it is only a few kilometers away from the cathedral. The architecture in Portixol is a mixture of original fishermen's cabins with new and modern architecture, which improves the appearance of this charming neighborhood.

The promenade that connects Palma with Portixol is the ideal setting to ride with one of our rental bicycles. This being the main attraction of Portixol, the promenade connects along 16 km Portixol and Es Molinar with Palma on one side, and Portixol with El Arenal on the other side.

Without a doubt, if you want to enjoy an authentic Mediterranean promenade by the sea, rent one of our bicycles and pedal from Palma to Portixol along the promenade, yes, always at your own pace.


“Organize your excursions around Palma by renting one of our bicycles”

Cruising in Mallorca. Train in Mallorca with one of our road bikes

Are you coming to pedal in Palma?

Save time on your visit to Palma, we take the bike where you indicate, so you do not waste a minute looking for a place to rent a road bike and win to do your bike training in Mallorca.

If you already know the dates of when you will visit Palma on your next cruise, do not leave for the last minute the rental of the bikes to train around the island. Plan your adventure in Mallorca on one of our rental bicycles.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you on the best routes to visit Mallorca and we will put at your disposal the rent of the best Beria Bikes road bicycles which adapt to your needs.

21 years of experience in the world of the bicycle endorse us.