Discover the 5 cycling blogs you need to follow

Discover the 5 cycling blogs you need to follow

11 Marzo 2021

Cycling in Mallorca has millions of followers all over the world. In order to follow all the interesting news, there are very interesting cycling blogs that will allow you to be informed at all times about the latest news, trends and current news.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, cycling blogs broaden your range of information and offer you more possibilities to check what you are interested in.

1. Ciclismo a fondo

Ciclismo a fondo is a must-read blog in Spain. It offers news of the main competitions, results, bike tests, interviews with cyclists, tips, information on accessories... in short, an unmissable blog with a lot of quality that you will enjoy reading.

You can subscribe to the blog and you can even read it on paper, as they also publish a physical magazine. All the information you need is in this reference blog.

2. El tío del mazo

This is one of the most interesting cycling blogs out there. It became a reference since it has also built a cycling clothing brand. On this website, you will find relevant information about the Vuelta a España, the Giro d'Italia and other important competitions.

In addition, you have a whole online shop of special clothing, equipment of all kinds, accessories, bicycles and lots of news about this world. Its constant growth has made it a must-read blog.

3. El cuaderno de Joan Seguidor (Joan Seguidor's notebook)

It is a special blog and very often followed, focused mainly on professionals. However, you can find a wide variety of posts related to the world of cycling. Its creator, Ibán Vega, was cycling editor and head of press for the Catalan Cycling Federation, so you can already get an idea of what you're going to get.

Its contents are of excellent quality, with attention to the smallest detail.

4. Distrito Bici

Distrito Bici is a blog for those who are just starting out in cycling. That's why its content is very broad and its target accordingly. The blog is full of interesting posts, tips for cycling, about different products when it comes to nutrition, and in short, about the world of cycling in all its variants.

It is aimed at all audiences, from amateurs to professionals, and from people who take care of themselves to those who suffer from overweight, but all from a cycling point of view, and with the aim of making the virtues of this sport even better known.

For this reason, its tone is friendly, approachable, and the content is very broad, for an equally broad audience.

5. Mujeres en Bici (Women on Bikes)

A blog dedicated only to women cyclists could not be missing. Of course, in the blogs mentioned above there are some references, but in general they are dedicated to men who practice the sport, leaving aside an increasingly large audience.

Thus, Mujeres en Bici specializes in specific content related to women's own needs. Its content provides valuable information on nutrition, road cycling, MTB, tips and everything else that interests women.

It is a blog that has given a great boost and support to the women's cycling community in Spain.

Other important websites

We have left out a lot of equally important blogs, such as La Chichonera, with top quality articles; Marchas Ciclistas, where a large number of cycling marches are described in great detail: MTB, long distance, road, stages, etc.

If you want to keep up to date with cycling in Mallorca, this website is very appropriate. Another interesting website is Planeta Triatlón, which gives you another point of view of this sport, or Marchas y Rutas, with an incredible variety of articles about cycling, stolen bikes and calendars of events.

If you want to check any of these blogs for the latest news about cycling in Mallorca, or about cycling in general, just enter their names in the search engine.

You will find many interesting articles on cycling, reports on the latest models of bikes, appropriate clothing for each modality, useful accessories and information on the main cycling competitions.

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