How to choose the perfect rental bike for your holidays in Mallorca?

How to choose the perfect rental bike for your holidays in Mallorca?

18 Julio 2019

After preparing all the topics related to your next trip to Mallorca for vacations, such as the plane tickets, the hotels or apartments where you are going to stay, the clothes that you will take to train ..., now is when two of your biggest doubts come.

"Do I take my bike? Do I rent a bicycle in Mallorca? "

In Papagayo Bike we have the solution to your doubts. In our shop in Palma de Mallorca located on Calle de San Joan, number 23, we have a wide variety of bicycles for rent, we specialize in the rental of professional bicycles for demanding cyclists.

We have spent 21 years dedicating ourselves to the rental of professional bicycles in Lanzarote, and now that know-how has been transferred to Mallorca so that you can enjoy our services in Palma de Mallorca. And as always, with a direct and personalized treatment for each client, trying to adapt to the real needs of all our customers.

At Papagayo Bike we are moved and motivated by a great passion for the world of cycling. You have to have one thing in mind: we are something more than the typical bicycle rental shop that you can find in Lanzarote and Palma de Mallorca, and it is not that we say it, you can check it directly in the opinions that have about us. of our customers:

How to choose the perfect rental bike for your holidays in Mallorca - opinions
One of the strong points that differentiate us from the competition is that we offer a great service of Technical Assistance and Delivery of bicycles throughout the island, we can take you our high-end road bike to where you ask us for it.

And we also guarantee technical assistance on the road if you suffer any mishap with the bicycle.

Welcome to Mallorca What professional bicycle can we rent you?

After deciding to rent a bicycle on your holidays, you have finally reached your dream destination, Mallorca! and as soon as you arrive you have a very clear idea, you want to enjoy your holidays and get lost on the island, enjoying your passion for cycling in the endless roads and incredible landscapes of the island.

But, do you want to enjoy your cycling stay with a bicycle that is at your loftiness?

In Papagayo Bike we know that your stay has to be unforgettable, for that reason we only have high-end rental bicycles, such as those of a world leader such as Berria Bikes. So your experience will be as it should be: incredible.

Because a premium vacation needs a premium bike!

You should know that the bike models we work with at Papagayo Bike receive an annual update. We constantly renew our fleet, always up to date and committed to quality in all our professional rental bicycles.

We work directly with one of the best brands of professional bicycles in the national market, Berria Bikes, in this way we can offer the rental of a wide range of professional road bicycles, providing all cyclists who come to the island with: bicycle, experience and the perfect training.

How to choose the perfect rental bike for your holidays in Mallorca - Berria Bike

Below, we detail some of the different models of Berria Bikes rental bicycles available at Papagayo Bike Mallorca:

Bike rental Berria Belador disc 8

A bicycle designed to cut the wind, endowed with efficiency and reactivity typical of professionals.

This bike is aimed at a wide group of cyclists, as much as cyclists who bet on a great bicycle and the most demanding fan. Belador is Berria's road bike that meets all the expectations of the Endurance segment with an aero light design, capable of offering great performance in all situations and terrains with an ACTIVE STAY rear trolley that guarantees comfort and optimal driving.

Would you like to rent this bicycle? You just have to follow the following link.

Bike rental Berria Belador disc 9

Its performance and road handling are excellent, stability and rigidity are the main features of this bike.

It is the model used by professional teams for its performance and polyvalence in the competition, with AERO design and total integration that stands out in a remarkable way in its category.

Belador Aero Disc, is the machine manufactured for those cyclists looking for high performance where speed and reactivity are paramount. The fusion of power, aerodynamics, lightness and functionality brought to the highest level as a result of the Aero Shape Efficiency design concept.

Would you like to rent this bicycle? You just have to follow the following link.

Bike rental Berria Aero Hibrid 8.1

Discover the new E-BIKE with 400 watts of help and nothing to stop you. A new way to practice cycling without sacrificing speed and well-being.

The Belador Aero Hybrid is crowned as one of the best resistance bicycles, a pioneer in the new generation of e-road Hybrid, a new trend, a new way to practice cycle tourism.

Undoubtedly the Belador Aero Hybrid is the bicycle for those users who like to enjoy cycling, who want to pedal but without suffering when facing demanding slopes, regardless of their age and physical condition or simply do not have enough time to train as you would like.

Would you like to rent this bicycle? You just have to follow the following link.


"Rent one of our professional bikes and enjoy the road!"

Do you come to pedal at Mallorca?

Mallorca is an island that offers multiple possibilities for cycling, the island has become the perfect place for lovers of bicycle tourism.

And what about Palma, a magnificent city to go by bike, without a doubt it is worth renting one of our bicycles to discover the city and its promenade.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you on the best routes and we will put at your disposal the rent of the best bicycles.

21 years of experience in the world of the bicycle endorse us.