How to cycle by night on the roads of Mallorca

How to cycle by night on the roads of Mallorca

20 Mayo 2021

Cycling at night tends to be much better than it sounds. Not only does it change your perspective and appreciation of the landscape. Night cycling has become increasingly popular and it is worth trying this sporting option that connects you with yourself. For night cycling there is one essential element that accompanies the route: lights.

Daily cycling has many advantages for the body and even if you get off work late during the day, this is no longer an excuse to rent a bike and go cycling at night. It keeps you fit, improves your performance, burns fat, activates your brain, releases toxins, improves your sex life, reduces the risk of disease, among others.

What are the minimum things to keep in mind when cycling at night?

Road safety when cycling is as important as learning to ride a bicycle. It should be taken into account that the bicycle is a means of transport and as such, it is exposed to other drivers when cycling on roads and not on cycle lanes. It is therefore essential to comply with the necessary road safety regulations.

The precautions for cycling at night are not very different from the traditional ones. Between keeping ourselves safe while enjoying ourselves and not endangering our own or anyone else's health with a bad posture or a wrong fit that later results in injury, it will be enough observation.

How to ride a bike at night on the roads of Mallorca - night cyclist Papagayo Bike

Let's take a brief look at the most important precautions:

Always wear a helmet, wear reflective clothing, follow traffic regulations, handle the handlebars without obstructing objects or hanging belongings, look around, cross at the pedestrian crossing, ride on the bike lane or path if there is one or on the street in the direction of traffic, always ride on the right, signal before maneuvering.

The most important thing to do when cycling at night is to wear lights at the front and rear (white and red). Also avoid pirouettes or maneuvers that destabilize, do not use headphones that reduce attention, slow down when the pavement is wet, take into account parked cars and the presence of passengers who may open the door and hit you.

Are there any benefits to cycling at night?

To go cycling in Mallorca you only need the desire because the weather conditions are not as extreme as in other provinces, making us reconsider going out. Cycling at night has more benefits than just the exercise it provides, which is why we should consider it when we decide to invest our leisure time.

The first benefit, of course, is that it maintains our fitness, mental wellbeing and health, while being fun. The road will feel completely different when you go at night. Your senses are sharpened, there are not as many cars, noise, pollution, pedestrians, among other factors. You feel your palpitations and you can even connect with your muscles oxygenating as you breathe.

Within night cycling, there are more intense activities that are achieved gradually. For example, descending at speed with the respective headlamp. It gives you an energy boost that revitalizes the body and mind, while increasing your self-confidence and self-assurance. You'll feel like a bullet if adrenaline is your thing.

On the other hand, if you're looking to enjoy darkening landscapes or moonlit trails, it's also a great option to do with company. In fact, bike rides at night are usually quiet and pleasant, offering peace and concentration. You'll have a lot of fun exploring alleys or roads.

We must not forget that road safety on a bicycle is essential to enjoy cycling. A bicycle in good condition and without sparing in protection elements, guarantees the enjoyment and the maximum benefit of this sport. In addition, the correct lighting for our level of cycling and the needs of the route and path we are cycling on.

Lighting is a major aspect of cycling safety when cycling at night. Having the right lights and enough power is the key to making our bike ride a pleasure or a nightmare.
How to ride a bike at night on the roads of Mallorca - family on a night bike Papagayo Bike

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