How to turn your bike into an eBike

How to turn your bike into an eBike

21 Mayo 2020

You have a road bike and you want an eBike too. Perfect, no problem, because you can turn your bike into an electric one without major difficulties. But first we want to explain you some concepts.

What is an eBike?

An eBike is an electric bicycle, meaning that it has pedal assistance because it assimilates a simple motor, which does not exceed 250W, and its maximum speed will be 25 km/h: when you reach this speed, the motor is turned off.

This type of bike is very functional, as it helps you on your normal routes, and even on the most demanding ones, such as mountain routes, climbing steep hills. Road bikes today more than ever are optimized with this possibility.

If you want to turn your bike into an eBike, the process is very simple.

How to turn your road bike into an eBike

You will need certain essential parts, which are listed below. And note that there are kits on the market to make this changeover.


The motor must have a nominal power of 250W, and you can place it on the bottom bracket or on the hub of the front or rear wheels. This will depend on the use of the bike.

In other words, if you are going to use it for long, steep mountain routes (and therefore, where more power is needed), the best thing to do is to place the motor on the bottom bracket: its location -in the centre of the chassis and at the bottom- is perfect to provide you with the most power, which will be distributed on the rear wheel.

Also, if the terrain you'll be cycling on most often has a lot of unevenness, putting the engine on the bottom bracket (or mid-engine) will give you more efficiency, as it takes advantage of the mechanical gear ratio and gets less hot because it turns at lower rpm.

If you are going to use your road bike in the city or to ride long distances without very steep hills, your option is to put the engine in the wheel hub.


This is the most delicate piece of the kit. Experts say to choose the li-ion type batteries, which weigh up to 4 times less than lead batteries, have more recharging cycles and no memory effect.

However, the ones that are currently used the most are the lithium iron phosphate ones, which work the same as the li-ion ones but are a little heavier. You have to take into account two things: the autonomy and its useful life.

Autonomy refers to the number of kilometers you can cover without pedaling over terrain without steep climbs, and useful life refers to the time it takes for the battery to work properly, both in terms of the time it takes to charge and in terms of performance. As a general rule, batteries last two years.


It is the box where the electronic brain of the eBike is installed, so that the engine works perfectly. All the cables are connected to it, and it does not have a fixed position, which means that it can be put on the carrier, on the frame, in a bag under the saddle or in any other place, properly attached.


This piece is optional but allows you to better control traction. Many riders like it, and it can be placed on the handle.

Display and button panel

With the display you will know the speed you reach, the power, the km cycled, the battery charge, and it can have a GPS function. The button panel serves to regulate the engine power, and can be integrated into the display, or placed next to the handle for easy operation.

Pedal sensor

With this sensor the motor is activated when the pedals are moved; it is installed on the pedal axle. It can be either torque or motion, and the choice will again depend on how you are going to use your eBike.

As you can see, it is not very complicated to transform your road bike into an eBike. You just have to buy and install the right accessories and you will have an electric bike in style.

Como convertir tu bicicleta en una eBike

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