Hybrid road bikes. Cycling trends for 2020 in Mallorca

Hybrid road bikes. Cycling trends for 2020 in Mallorca

23 Enero 2020

A fantastic idea for an ideal cycling holiday is to head to a place where we can continue to train without the annoying extra weight of all the cycling equipment, bike included.

A destination that combines the most extraordinary landscapes but also smooth and perfect roads, where pedaling becomes an unforgettable experience and riding a road bike is a real pleasure. Yes, there is a place like this, and it is Mallorca.

With more than 1,200 kilometers of road, of which around 700 are secondary roads, Mallorca is a cycling paradise. Few places in Europe have the variety of landscapes for pedalling that she has, and the road bike rental offer in Mallorca is basically one of the best options for exploring the island.

Discovering the island on one of our hybrid road bikes can be a real success, because thanks to the immense variety of cycling routes that Mallorca offers you will be able to create a different one every day to get to know the incredible places on the island.
Hybrid road bikes. Cycling trends for 2020 in Mallorca
At Papagayo Bike we think that the ideal is to choose a road bike rental service that can offer the service of taking the bikes to your home, so that you do not lose time in everyday and tiresome details. Within all the services we offer, one of the strongest points that differentiates us from the competition is that we will take the road bike you rent to where you indicate us to.

Having road bike rental companies that give you the best guarantees when it comes to renting and enjoying excellent bikes and perfect conditions is priceless. There are companies in Mallorca specially dedicated to offering tourists the service of renting bikes and that is it, but at Papagayo Bike you will get the most suitable one when renting a hybrid road bicycle to continue your training.

How are hybrid road bikes?

The use of hybrid road bikes has become a trend that also covers a real need, that of those cyclists who no longer have the time or strength to train and ride at the same intensity as they could when they had more free time or a better physical condition.

More and more road cyclists are breaking the 50-year-old barrier and giving up on going out with their lifelong friends. And yet, their legs do 't allow them to keep up with the same pace or ride the same distances.

An electric road bicycle or commonly called e-bike is a bicycle with pedal assistance, which works with a small motor that helps to maintain the pedaling in order to reach the end of an impossible course. We must take into account that if at any moment we stop pedaling, the bike will stop assisting us, the motor only works when we pedal.

Lately the latest models of e-bikes we are seeing, are lighter and have electrical systems fully integrated into the geometry of the frame. Some of them are even difficult to distinguish from a conventional bike at first sight.

Is an electric road bike useful for my training?

We will not get tired of insisting on the idea that an e-bike is for everyone. We are tired of hearing a lot of negative things about electric bikes, but you really need to know the potential of using an electric road bike.
  • For those who ride road bikes a lot. You can do more kilometers in the same training time, and get very strong. In addition to alternating the rides with a conventional bike.
  • For those who do not ride much. They can do more distance than before or the same km in less time. And overcome laziness on those days when you don't feel like going out cycling.
  • For those who have not ridden a bike for years. And has little physical form, can take up this sport progressively, and start, without "dying in the attempt.
  • For the professionals of cycling. They take advantage of e-bikes to do more km in the same time of training and thus practice more technique, something very useful for example in winter, with less hours of light.
Hybrid road bikes. Cycling trends for 2020 in Mallorca

E-bike cycling trends for 2020.

In the Eurobike at the end of 2019, many new features from the eBike world were presented that will be a trend in 2020. Here are some of them that we have selected from ebike24 and welovecycling to keep you up to date.
  Several prestigious brands of sportswear and road bike manufacturing are setting the cycling trends for 2020 with different accessories and clothing. For example, the Italian brand Vittoria is launching three new winter tires for road bikes.

Or Specialized, the North American brand, which updated the ANGi helmet impact sensors to offer better safety on bike rides, with easier use that can be activated from any Wahoo Elemnt GPS device.

Are you coming to cycle on Mallorca with us?

At Papagayo Bike we have the best hybrid road bike models to ride many kilometers on the roads of Mallorca.

You can try the BERRIA AERO Di-2 HYBRID 8.1 on the asphalt of the roads of Mallorca.

We take your road bikes wherever you indicate us to, so that you don't waste time looking for a place to rent a road bike and gain it for your bike escapades on Mallorca.

If you decide to book one of our hybrid road bikes, you can do it here, being able to configure the bike to your needs, such as the size of the bike, the type of pedals, etc.…

21 years of experience in the world of cycling are our guarantee.