Learn how to read a bike fitting. We adapt it to one of our rental bikes

Learn how to read a bike fitting. We adapt it to one of our rental bikes

05 Noviembre 2020

A bike fitting is necessary if you want a correct posture on a bike. While in the past companies were content to include the possibility of adjusting the height of the saddle and the position of the handlebars on their bikes, many manufacturers and workshops now carry out studies of the cyclist to personalize the bike.

The principle is simple: it is not the cyclist who has to adapt to the bike, it is the bike that has to be adjusted to serve the cyclist best and to enable him to develop ideal conditions of competition and performance without causing injury.

That is why it is important to learn to read a bike fitting, not only to buy bikes but to rent them. This is what we do if you decide to take a bike for hire on Mallorca: adapt your bike fit to any of our rental bikes.

Data included in a bike fitting

The data is not just the size and height of the cyclist; it also includes information on the terrain where the sport is usually practiced (road, mountain, sand, etc.) to determine the approximate measurements the bike should have.

To do this, there are various measurement modes, which calculate the height of the knee and the angle the pedal should be at with respect to the hips. Thus, values such as "knee angle with the top of the bicycle" or sets "knee", "hip", " drop point" will appear.

The current values for the time when the person takes the measurement are included, as well as the recommended values.

On the other hand, the settings mentioned on a bike fit are as follows:

There are two settings, before or after and in rotation. To adjust the first, the distance between the first metatarsal ( bunion) and the fifth ( outer foot) is measured; and the second will take into account the natural gait, whether it is with the toe facing outwards or inwards.

Seat height
It should be measured from the centre of the bottom bracket and along the down tube to the top of the saddle. This measurement is obtained by multiplying the measurement of the inside leg by 0.88.

Pull back the saddle
The distance between the tip of the seat and the perpendicular line passing through the pedal axle is calculated. To take the measurement of a bicycle, a plumb bob is dropped from the vertical position of the knee, so that it coincides with the axis of the pedal as the crank is parallel to the ground.

Distance from the tip of the seat to the handlebar
There are various recommendations according to various authors for measuring this distance on a bicycle: we will mention the most widely used.

To determine this measurement, the hands should grip the curve of the handlebars in their deepest part, with the elbow bent at 145°, which is the angle formed between the arm and forearm); the elbow should touch the kneecap, while the knee will form a 90° angle (with respect to the leg).

Height difference between handlebars and saddle
Depending on the size of each cyclist and the size of the inside leg, a distance must be respected (with minimum and maximum values) so as not to cause injury.

For example, if the inside leg is between 71 and 76 cm, the minimum height of the saddle should be 2 cm and the maximum 7 cm.

Size of frame
The frame size is the measurement from the centre of the pedal to the centre of the horizontal tube.

When setting up a rental bike on Mallorca, the frames already have the recommended sizes for certain height ranges.

Bicycle rental on Mallorca

When you decide to try one of our rental bikes, we are aware that the details of your bike fit may not be fully reflected on the bike. However, our service includes the adaptation of our bikes to the anthropometric and biomechanical study that you bring us.

To do this, it is important that you tell us which bike you want to rent, for which purposes you require it (if competition, leisure, cycling, training, etc.) and even the brand and model of pedals and saddle.

With all this information, we can transfer the bike fit to the bike and offer you a perfect pedal stroke so that you can enjoy pedaling on one of our bikes.

Learn how to read a bike fitting. We adapt it to one of our rental bikes

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