Mallorca the paradise for road cyclists

Mallorca the paradise for road cyclists

19 Marzo 2020

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Every year it attracts just over 150,000 tourists. Cycling on Mallorca is enjoying immense health and drive thanks to the efforts of the local council to create an infrastructure that responds perfectly to the demands of both professional and amateur cyclists.

Bicycle rental on Mallorca is accessible and has services of all kinds along all cycling routes. We will briefly explain you why Mallorca is a paradise for cycling.

Adequate infrastructure

Cycling on Mallorca is favored by a set of infrastructures specially designed for this sport. The long road courses allow for perfect training, because in addition to being very well made, they are also perfectly signposted.

Accommodation is guaranteed (you must book in advance, of course) and there are many specialized shops for cyclists, as well as bike rental agencies on Mallorca that offer tourist and training routes.

Furthermore, the roads of the Tramontana, and all the cycling routes, have exact information about the altitude and length of the route, and a very well established orientation as all the streets are numbered, which also makes planning the routes easy and pleasant. For this purpose, you have many cycle maps, free or purchased.

Perfect climate

Bicycle rental on Mallorca is available all year round. Remember that Mallorca has an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, and not only in summer but in all seasons, the weather conditions are usually mild for cycling on Mallorca.

It's warm climate is wonderful in summer but the high season for cycling is in April when the Mallorca 312, a race that runs through the island, takes place. You can get more information at Papagayo Bike services.

But also in autumn, and even in winter, you can see cyclists on all roads.

Training for all levels

Mallorca has roads and cycle routes for all levels, from beginners to professionals. There are basic routes where the route is completely flat, even those that offer steep climbs, with very high demands in terms of physical fitness, such as the Tramontana area, with 90 kilometres of road and up to 10 peaks over 1,000 metres high.

On this road you will be able to train according to the most demanding physical parameters, as reaching several of these peaks means a route considered to be of an Alpine character.

Charming landscapes and wonderful routes

Cycling on Mallorca is growing every day. Not only because of all the infrastructure installed on the island, which has GPS equipment, but also because of all the routes and landscapes you can enjoy by renting a bicycle on Mallorca.

There are the promenades with perfect road sections, but there are also very well made secondary roads and rural paths that offer the attraction of exploration. By travelling along them you can reach old castles and monasteries on the tops of some mountains, and strategically located lighthouses.

The landscapes of Mallorca will captivate you forever.


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