The best diets to perform on a road bike on Mallorca

The best diets to perform on a road bike on Mallorca

08 Octubre 2020

Cycling on Mallorca has a large community of enthusiasts who come to the island every year to practice their favorite sport. The sport of cycling is one of the most demanding specialties and requires thorough preparation and care to obtain the best results, avoid injuries and maintain optimum physical and health conditions.

One of the most important aspects that a sportsperson who practices cycling on Mallorca must take care of is his or her diet. There are many diets for cyclists inspired by the models of the best teams in the international peloton that can help you get the most out of your favorite sport, keep you at the ideal weight and take care of your health.

Let's look at some examples of cycling diets that can help you improve your performance, avoid injuries and increase your abilities.

Cyclists' diets

A cyclist's diet is conditioned by his or her training and competition routines, especially in the case of professionals and lovers of cycling events. The following advice for cycling enthusiasts on Mallorca is valid for anyone who wants to take a little more care of themselves and make the most of their activity.

As a general rule it is recommended to have 5 meals a day, in which products from all food groups should be included to cover the energy demands that a cyclist's body requires.


Due to the very nature of sport, cyclists must always have a supply of carbohydrates to meet their energy requirements. In addition to the classic rice and pasta dishes, there are other alternatives that can cover the energy levels required to perform in adequate conditions.

To protect the digestive system, it is advisable to use gluten- and lactose-free cereals. Other carbohydrate-containing foods include seeds, nuts, legumes and vegetables.

Nutrition during training or competition

Taking care of food during training and competition is essential for a cyclist. The body must always be kept hydrated, drinking small sips regularly without filling the stomach. Water intake should be combined with an isotonic drink, which can easily be made at home, and will help to recover the salts and minerals consumed during exercise.

As for food during training, fruit and nuts should always be present. You can also use energy bars, which can also be made at home using honey and molasses from cereals.

Excessive consumption of sugar should be avoided, as it irritates the stomach and excess daily consumption can lead to serious degenerative diseases such as diabetes.

As for the amount of carbohydrates during running or training, nutritionists recommend eating 0.7 grams per kilogram of weight per hour of exercise.

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