What is the perfect bicycle for cycling on Mallorca

What is the perfect bicycle for cycling on Mallorca

11 Junio 2020

Cycle tourism on Mallorca is an activity that is gaining more and more followers. In fact, this activity is done all over the world, and it is a completely sustainable practice because the energy used is totally clean: physical effort.

Cycle tourism is a recreational activity that has become fashionable in recent years. It is done for pleasure, not to compete, and the landscapes and characteristics of Mallorca, to put it in perspective, make it one of the most important cycling destinations.

Travelling around this Balearic island by bike is one of the most pleasant ways to get to know it. That is why we offer the best bicycles for rent, so that you do not have any problems or inconveniences when choosing the one that best suits you, depending on what you are going to do on Mallorca.

The best bicycle to rent to travel around Mallorca

We have perfect options for you to enjoy cycling on Mallorca, both to stroll along the network of impeccable roads and discover its beaches, and to go into the steeper and more rugged paths to the mountain passes. You choose.

Cycle tourism rental bikes can be hybrid or road bikes, comfortable and light so that nothing disturbs the experience of cycling through Spain's most beautiful landscapes.

Things to have on a rental bike for cycle tourism on Mallorca

At Papagayo Bike we offer everything you need on a bike.

The frame of our bikes are carbon, made of Nanotech CNT resin with triple mono-coque structure. It is strong and light, able to withstand weight and at the same time offer excellent balance.

The rims on the rental bike are 53/58 mm aluminum with Michelin Pro4 Endurance 25-622 tires and 24-spoke front and 28-spoke rear spokes.

The handlebar is also made of aluminum, ergonomic, with a 70 mm reach and 128 mm drop, and a diameter of 31.8 mm.

The best bike for cycling around Mallorca

All our bikes are configurable according to your weight and size, for the greatest customer satisfaction. When you book, you indicate your size (which ranges from S to XL), your height in centimeters, and you can even choose the pedals.

Pedal options include the standard or flat pedal, the Shimano SPD MTB, the Shimano SPD SL Road or the Look Keo, and even the helmet size, which includes the M size (54 to 58) and the L size (58 to 62).

Aero Di-2 Hybrid 8.1
Combines road and mountain bike elements. It's also eBike, with a 400-watt engine so you don't miss a thing. You can achieve great speeds with it, and it's extremely comfortable.

Belador Di-2 Disc 9
It's very stable, which on the road is perfect. Ideal for long distances. The frame is made of carbon and has a full Shimano derailleur.

Belador Ultegra Disc 8
Fast and stable, especially if you want to train on Mallorca for the big cycling events of the island and the world. Your Shimano Ultegra gearbox is the latest generation.

You can choose from any of these models and get the best cycling experience.

What is the perfect bicycle for cycling on Mallorca

Are you coming to cycle around Mallorca with us?

If you already know the dates of your next trip on the roads of Mallorca, don't miss the opportunity to try one of our road bikes and discover the island in a different way. Plan your adventure around Mallorca on one of our rental bikes.

At Papagayo Bike we have the best models of road bikes to cover many kilometers on the roads of Mallorca. You can try the BERRIA AERO Di-2 HYBRID 8.1 along the island's road.

Remember, we will take our road bikes wherever you indicate us, so that you do not waste time looking for a place to rent a road bike and you win it to make your cycling trips around Mallorca.

If you decide to book one of our road bikes, you can do it here, being able to configure the bike to your needs, such as the size of the bike, the type of pedals, etc.

21 years of experience in the world of cycling are our guarantee.