Why rent road bicycles with Papagayo Bike Mallorca?

Why rent road bicycles with Papagayo Bike Mallorca?

19 Septiembre 2019

21 years dedicating ourselves to the world of road bike rental endorse the great passion we feel for the world of cycling. Throughout these years, thanks to daily and direct contact with our clients, we have been really learning what cyclists that want to rent one of our bicycles demand, their tastes, their needs, their concerns ...

From Papagayo Bike Mallorca we have discovered that the user of road bicycles needs to know that he will ride on the roads of Mallorca with total safety and with the best bicycles on the market.


“Cycling is the best antidepressant drug and only has good side effects. Gunnar Rempel ”

We are going to give you 3 compelling reasons why when you visit Mallorca, you rent the road bike to train with Papagayo Bike Mallorca.

 - Berria Bike – rental bicycles for cycling in Mallorca.

If footballers normally trust their feet to a single brand of football boots, because they fit their needs perfectly, why shouldn't we do the same with road bikes? That's why in our Mallorca shop you can only find Berria Bike road bikes.

At Papagayo Bike Mallorca we think about the total satisfaction of our customers, we decided at the time to choose to trust only one brand, a great brand like Berria Bike. In this way we really differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Our road bike park for rent is very special, it is designed for very demanding customers who are looking for almost perfection. In our Mallorca shop you can find the latest models of the brand located in Albacete, specially customized for Papagayo Bike Mallorca.

Once a year we make a visit to the factory that they have in Villarrobledo to see and test the novelties of the brand, we take advantage of this visit to update our bicycle park, commissioning the possible customizations so that our customers can have the latest market models.


On our website you can select the model you want to rent and configure it to your liking, size, type of pedals and even the helmet and training clothes (in case you want to save space in your suitcase).

Why rent road bicycles with Papagayo Bike Mallorca

Why rent road bicycles with Papagayo Bike Mallorca

Why rent road bicycles with Papagayo Bike Mallorca

2 - We take the rental bike where you ask us to.

For us it is essential that you do not worry about anything when you visit Mallorca and rent one of our bicycles, for that reason we bring you the road bike where you ask us to, at the place and at the time you tell us.

We know that you want to enjoy your stay in Mallorca, and be able to make the most of your rides on the roads of the island, without wasting time and worries when picking up your road bike.


“TWe save you a very valuable time. Pedal without worries ”

Our transfer covers any point of the island, the delivery and collection of bicycles cover all of Mallorca.

3 - Guaranteed roadside assistance service.

All our bicycles have a very good set-up, every day we perform cleaning and greasing of all the mechanisms of the bicycles, we review the gears, the tire pressure, we check the condition of the wheels. Our mechanics always serve our customers with a smile on their faces.

In Papagayo Bike Mallorca we sincerely believe that if you get on one of our bicycles, you start pedaling with a good mood, that's why you will always find us with open arms, and willing to solve any need you have.

If it happens (hopefully it does not happen) that you have any mishap with one of our road bikes, we can guarantee that we will not leave you stranded in the middle of the road. We have a roadside assistance team that will solve with a smile the problems that arise during your training. Thanks to the fact that we know the island of Mallorca inside out, we will be where you had the mishap in the shortest time possible.

Our mission is that you can enjoy your bike trip on the roads of Mallorca without worrying about anything, just dedicate yourself to pedaling and enjoy the incredible landscapes that the island of Mallorca offers.

Are you coming to cycle to Mallorca?

If you already know the dates of when you come to Mallorca on your next escape, do not leave for the last minute the rental of road bikes to discover the island. Plan your escape through Mallorca on one of our rental bicycles.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you on the best routes to visit Mallorca and we will put at your disposal the rental of the best Berria Bike bicycles that adapt to your needs.

21 years of experience on the world of cycling endorse us.