Womens cycling on Mallorca. Pros and contras

Womens cycling on Mallorca. Pros and contras

16 Septiembre 2020

Women's cycling has on Mallorca one of its international references. As well as being the favorite venue for various professional teams to carry out their pre-season training, it has a wide calendar of tests and competitions in which the most outstanding professionals in each specialty meet.

Female Amateur Cycling also has a large community of followers who find complete support in the best bike rental shops on the island. This service enables sportswomen to discover the natural beauty of Mallorca through its natural landscapes while enjoying their favorite sport.

Advantages of renting a bike on Mallorca

Having a reliable bike rental shop makes life easier for any female cycle fan. When we travel to our holiday destination we don't always have the possibility to transport our equipment to enjoy it. The cost of taking our bikes with us can increase the cost of the trip and we run the risk of damaging them in the luggage compartment of the plane.

The bicycle rental on Mallorca has the most sophisticated models on the market so that all sportswomen can get the most out of their training or their trips around the island.

In addition to this, the bikes that are rented are checked and tuned up every time they change users, so you don't have to worry about a single detail of maintenance. Another advantage of this service is that you will receive complete advice so that you can plan the best routes, with which you will be able to enjoy the sport to the full and discover the most beautiful corners of Mallorca.

To all this, we must add the enormous range of hotels and restaurants on Mallorca, with the capacity to accommodate a large group of fans so that they can make their outings together.

Pros and contras of cycling for women on Mallorca

We're going to look at the best of women's cycling on the island and what still needs to be improved. Among the pros are Mallorca's natural conditions, its climate, its landscapes and its orography, ideal for the practice of sport.

Another advantage is the wide range of communications and connections with the main European airports, which allows enthusiasts from all over the continent to come to the island. Mallorca also offers a wide variety of possibilities to book hotel rooms during the less busy periods of the year, a perfect time to ride on its roads away from the traffic concentrations.

There are still some aspects that need to be improved in order for cyclists to have a full experience on the island's roads. One of these is the condition of some pavements and areas bordering the road, where cyclists have to cover many kilometers when sharing the road with cars. Another of the characteristics to be implemented is the improvement of the network of signposting, which is fundamental for safety and to inform sportswomen of the most suitable routes and tracks for cycling.

Womens cycling on Mallorca. Pros and contras

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